connecting your network to businesses in berkshire

Reading was #14 in the Startup Britain numbers published

louizeLouize Clarke
Co-Founder of ConnectTVT, Director of indigo loop ltd.

In that vein can we come up with 14 different tips to help startups.

04 January 2015
UK entrepreneurs created a record number of new businesses in 2014, according to new figures from StartUp Britain announced today/January 5. Research from the national enterprise campaign, run by the Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank, shows 581…

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vicky blandVicky Bland
Territory Sales Manager at Solution Consultants ICT LTD

This is brilliant Louize – all of your great work at ConnectTVT is paying off. Well Done!

ian marshallIan Marshall
Commercial Director at Office Answers Ltd

Thanks for the link, very interesting figures. There was an article in the Economist just before Christmas about a record number of 30-39 years olds moving out of London. It would be great to see less dependence on London. Reading and Thames Valley is a perfect region for new startups.

sarah giblinSarah Giblin
Founder and rucksack designer at Riut

Start. Finish. Build on what you finished. Start the next part. Finish that. Imperfections and all. Carry on. Repeat.

jon daveyJonathan L Davey
Helping talented people with amazing ideas get more eyeballs on them & their innovative solutions in & around Berkshire!
Top Contributor

Wonder how many of those new companies are just holding, tax dodges by the finance boys who know how to wiggle it… thank god we’re moving into a new world away from greedy fat cats and back to community…

Doesn’t matter, if we’re flying then we need to work out how to engage with each other… Berkshire tends to get ignored by central government because for year’s it’s been the cash cow for the UK.

Heard a few stories about how companies are moved over to Wales to get some Euro funding, ticks some growth boxes for the Ministers and then as soon as the agreed time is up they move back to the Thames Valley because of the physical connection and ease of getting around Berkshire and into London to meet with buyers… so a few millions is quaffed with ZERO benefit to all but one or two individuals…

Agree with Vicky, hats off to Louize for kicking some butt and also, like you Vicky, in agreeing to skipper a boat this summer 😉

Only the young can tolerate that noise 24/7 Ian, as we mature most of us prefer a quieter time… not lived in London but did live in Edinburgh for a year or so, right in the centre… pubs were open all night… perfect for when you’re late twenties.

Hello Sarah, been reading about you… I can understand why you can confidently drop a few short sentences and move on… because this young lady designed a brand new concept in rucksacks ladies & gents… and then crowd funded £64k, twice what she needed on Kickstarter… hats of to you… we want you down at GROW giving a presentation on how to get the party started… respond to my email & let’s get those dot’s joined.

Great topic for discussion Louize… anyone else got something we should be talking about?

Thank you


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