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Crowd Funding Steps to Success

If you’ve been wondering how to get started with crowd funding then you’d best join us for our Crowd Chats, starting next Tuesday 13th Jan 4:45pm #buildingyourcrowd

Crowd funding requires two things 1. A Crowd 2. Generosity of Spirit…

Mean, grumpy type people are not going to give you anything for nothing… they will always be looking at your needs from their angle… they’re not going to join in your crowd funding project.

Those who are generous by nature… be that with their time, their money or in any other way are way more likely to help a friend in need and so it is to these people we must appeal.

Building a crowd doesn’t take 5 minutes… those miraculous crowd funding campaigns that appear to generate £1,000,000 overnight… dig a little deeper… they will have been on a relatively long journey.

#buildingyourcrowd is NEW weekly chat amongst engaging individuals who have an interest in crowd funding and building the crowd. This is geared around normal people like you and me, not around billionaire investment models aimed at dragons looking to make a quick buck… this is about helping others make their dreams come true by crowd funding something they feel passionate about.

Tune in Tuesday afternoon from 16:45 UK time… 15 minutes of how-de-doo-de and we’ll dive into the meat “the vegan kind” from 17:00 through to 18:00 over on CrowdChat so listeners can track back on the current & previous conversations if they so wish.

Trying to follow a twitter #hashtag can be a pain… using CrowdChat you don’t even need to be on Twitter… you can also join in via LinkedIn or Facebook… chat using the tool you prefer to chat with… HURRAH 😉

The first #buildingyourcrowd is next Tuesday 13th January 16:45… see you there… virtually!

For the 1st show I want to ask 6 simple questions…

1. Why would you choose a BLOG to start building your crowd?
2. Why would you choose Twitter to start building your crowd?
3. Why would you choose Facebook to start building your crowd?
4. Why would you choose LinkedIn to start building your crowd?
5. Why would you choose Instagram to start building your crowd?
6. Why would you choose Youtube to start building your crowd?

Come and join in the fun… go register your interest online and you’ll be reminded nearer the time… only a few days away, more notice on the next event… in fact, one week… let’s get this year off to a great start…

Thank you.


One thought on “Crowd Funding Steps to Success

  1. do you want to join in ?

    while your warming down after a day in the sun 😉

    Thank you.

    Jonathan L Davey *ICE BREAKER* *”Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”* 07717 820823 @wholovesyarbaby

    Sharing my / client stories at The Berkshire Blog Chairing conversations in the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group Crowd Funding over at The Berkshire Patch & The Windsor Patch Doing my bit to help the world with The ONE BOAT Project


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