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Reading was #14 in the Startup Britain numbers published

louizeLouize Clarke
Co-Founder of ConnectTVT, Director of indigo loop ltd.

In that vein can we come up with 14 different tips to help startups.

04 January 2015
UK entrepreneurs created a record number of new businesses in 2014, according to new figures from StartUp Britain announced today/January 5. Research from the national enterprise campaign, run by the Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank, shows 581…

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How are companies approaching Corporate Social Responsibility post recession?

Amanda RichardsAmanda Richards Chief Executive Officer at Education Business Partnership West Berkshire asks…

How are companies approaching Corporate Social Responsibility post recession? Is there an appetite for making a difference, for instance – developing future skills and influencing the next generation

It would be good to hear your thoughts, get in touch.

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When does it stop being New Year?

Graham JonesDiscussion started by  Internet Psychologist, Speaker & Masterclass Leader helping business understand online customers. I help you click…!


When do you stop saying “Happy New Year”? Is it OK to keep saying it throughout this week, this month? When is it no longer “New Year”? I never know when to stop saying it or writing it in emails. What’s your guidance?


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