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Sharing Your Dragon Boat Challenge Project

When presenting your crowd funding project to the world then you need to aid digestion!

Keeping the presentation the right length… for the Dragon Boat race this doesn’t need to very long… if you’re looking for £1m investment then a tad more detail might be in order 😉

It would be good to have a video of those taking part to inspire others to join you on board or to make a small donation… add a couple of relevant pictures and away you go… here’s one way to do it… swap out capitals for your words…

Join us on the Dragon Boat BB team

Dragon Boat BB is talking part in High Wycombe Rotary Club’s Dragon Boat Challenge on Sunday 26th June 2015 at Dorney Lake.

Dragonboat Snaps Fairfield Tractors

I’ve agreed to manage the BB Dragon Boat team and am looking to get 15 paddlers to be part of the fun day at Dorney, the home of the 2012 Olympics! I currently have X paddlers… would you like to be part of my team? (Pic of last year’s winners)

yolanda dragon boat in lane 3 racing

I’m also looking to generate as much money as possible for a variety of good causes. It costs High Wycombe Rotary Club £500 for each boat to host the event. They then like to give £250 from each boat to a number of charities. This year the main beneficiaries are Wycombe Women’s Aid & Kids in Sport… the balance we’ll give to A GOOD CAUSE…

To smooth the way, everyone who joins me in the BB Dragon Boat agrees to try and raise £100…

If you’d like to join us please call / text me 0777 888 7777

It’s a great family day out…

yolanda dragon slayer mike brown

We’ve come up with some fun thank you gifts for those generous enough to make a contribution…

• Gift A
• Gift B
• Gift C

Thank you.


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