building your crowd 2015

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Have you been wondering how you might get around the problem of people having a favourite social media channel? Requiring you to have the same conversation on each channel separately?

Worry no more… we have a solution and you can see it in action this evening when we host our #buildingyourcrowd on Crowd Chat, see

The problem with mass real time social media engagement is following the thread of the conversation…

Twitter will only give you part of the conversation when you search a #hashtag and the bits you see will probably not allow you to follow the conversation smoothly. Facebook & LinkedIn tend to be used by people in their own time and so you don’t know when the next bit of the conversation will be added…

So by bringing people together at a set time, for a limited period and allowing them to log on using their own preferred method of engagement, you make it easier for folk to engage in a conversation. If the platform them manages the responses to the questions being posed, everyone can share their thoughts and review the input of others after the event… assuming there is a summary report at the end of the conversation.

CrowdChat brings it… what you doing 4:45PM this afternoon? You’d best join in the conversation and then review it after… let me know your pre & post event thoughts below…

Thank you.


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