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8 Digital Courses FREE to help you GROW

If you think all the latest, sexy digital stuff happens in London… THINK AGAIN!

GROW @ GREEN PARK have teamed up with Tech City UK to bring you the Digital Business Academy to a laptop near you… kicking off on Friday 16th January, 1pm while 4pm at GROW, 250 South Oak Way, Reading, Wokingham RG2 6UG.

(Use the following links for information but contact Louize to register for the Reading workshops / 07854 189407 )

Size up your idea

Set up a digital business

Develop and manage a digital product

Make a marketing plan

Build a brand

Understand digital marketing channels

Run a digital marketing campaign

Master finance for your business


Size Up Your Idea – Why You? Why now?

Do you struggle to make the time for on-line learning but want to evaluate your digital business idea? Join us for all or part of the six section course we will be running over 6 weeks.

Size up your idea. Is it genius, or is it a dud? This course will give you tools and frameworks to develop novel and agile business propositions that are focused on real customers with real needs.

How? Book a space at the GROW training room, bring your lap top or tablet and let you peers keep you on target with completing the course. Can’t commit to six fridays? No problem, combine it with home based study.

Find out more online…

Or contact Louize to book your place… / 07854 189407



Now while many of us are lucky enough to own our own computer, there are plenty of people that are not in that position who could absolutely benefit from the training that is on offer. So while they have 20 places on the course, let’s assume 10 could be filled by people who don’t have access to a laptop, PC or Mac. They don’t need to be expensive, so let’s allow a budget of £250 per machine and GROW would like to have 10 available for people to borrow… giving us a target of £2,500 to make this a reality…

If you think this course is a great idea & or you feel you would like to support GROW in providing laptops for general use, then please make a donation via GROW’s CrowdPatch page >>>

GROW are happy to gift desk space for donations, so we have £20 for a day, £50 a week or £150 a month GROW Pass!

Thank you.



More about…

GROW at Green Park

An Innovation Hub for Thames Valley

Are you fed up of working from home? Do you want to expand your network and collaborate locally? GROW is a creative innovation hub full of like-minded entrepreneurs, all with a shared passion for tech.

Through our network of local tech talent you can gain access to:

• mentors
• investors
• marketers
• PR specialists
• HR specialists
• possible funding

All of this is available by booking a desk for just £10 a day, without having to go up to London, with free wifi, tea, and coffee thrown in for good measure. However we feel the real value in GROW is in the connections you can make. Why not come down and join us, you can springboard your tech business, get involved, meet other entrepreneurs… and GROW.
We also host events here every week.

Or if you’d like to use GROW to host your own event contact


More about…

tech city about us

Tech City UK started life in 2010, with a mission to support the emerging Silicon Roundabout tech cluster in East London.

Anchored in Shoreditch, we’ve grown into an organisation which delivers programmes focused on accelerating the growth of digital businesses, in London and cities across the UK, at all stages of their development. Examples include Future Fifty, Digital Business Academy and the Internet of Things Launch Pad.

A publicly funded organisation with a private sector mentality, we also provide a voice of advocacy for digital entrepreneurs. We feed back our findings to policy-makers to influence change and we are dedicated to fostering the right conditions to start, grow and scale a digital business in the UK. We aim to make life better for digital entrepreneurs.

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