I’m a Celebrity… get me a psychiatrist!

Have you caught a glimpse of Celebrity Big Brother… they’re all in bits… crazy world of pressure these people put themselves under!

Morning… do you know any celebrities?

Today’s mission, should I choose to accept it is to find me a bunch of celebrities who have a good cause they are looking to champion and require a little help with the promotion of it to their crowd.

Crowd funding needs a crowd… celebrities by definition have a crowd… Crowd Patch enables us to provide a soap box from which they can both shout, engage in conversation & facilitate donations… excellent…

So all I need is to be hooked up… if you’d be so kind 😉 Thank you.

Youth Speaks Senior Windsor and Eton Contestants and Winners

Later today I have Youth Speaks, great competition for local school children… they present their case to a panel of 3 judges and we have some fine local dignitaries taking part… the new constable of Windsor Castle, Sir James Perowne, to name drop but one 😉

If someone comes into your office and presents to you with clarity then do you care if they have an O Level? This is an important skill and I try and make sure my local schools stay engaged with it… if you could ask your local head teacher, when next you meet, if they have heard of it. Thank you.

Our first crowd funding project from GROW is launching at 11am… let me know what you think of the video… in fact, take a look now… is it clear without the other info?

langley hall primary school

Did you know Langley Hall used to be an Actors’ Orphanage around 1925… we’ll be doing some crowd funding for school sports kit in a few week’s… the kids are working on the detail!

Have a nice day.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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