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Looking forward to this week…

I’ve got some interesting meetings lined up this week which could result in a very busy first six months of the year…

Most of this has come out of me being strategic in the doors I am knocking on… my knock being heavily supported by my marketing backdrop of TheBerkshireBlog, The Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group, my weekly emails & my twitter engagements.

What this does is allow anyone who searches for more information about me to find a ton of stuff which hopefully reassures them that I am real, have been around a while, not fly by night and they should take our conversation seriously.

What are you doing to up your online profile in a positive way? I ask that way in light of intel I heard the other day… if you register on gambling sites then this information is being shared with credit rating companies & will impact on your ability to get a mortgage!

Have a most enjoyable week…

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Looking forward to this week…

  1. I thought it came to light over the last few years that putting money in the bank and gambling were the same thing! So slightly surprised to hear the anti-competitive nature of the way online registration information is being used 😜


  2. Hi

    I just registered for this seminar and found a Davey look-a-like in the crowd. Can you find Wally? (not insult intended). 🙂

    A Training Services (UK) Ltd company
    Winner of the PTMA annual awards for Leadership training.
    T: 01753 833273 Mobile 07770 777191
    E: W:
    Skype: cliffjedwards

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