youth speaks 1090 zone final trevelyan school 2015

Youth Speaks 1090 Zone Final Trevelyan School Windsor

Thursday 15th January saw Trevelyan School in Windsor host the Zone Final of Youth Speaks 2015.

Schools from Ascot, Hillingdon, Slough & Windsor competed from a place in the next round, the District Final on 26th February 2015.

Judging the Intermediate section were David Knowles-Leak, past chair of FSB Thames Valley Region, Sandra Robinson, Associate Director of Cumberland Lodge & Richard Kipling founder of Crowd Patch. Seniors were chaired by Neil Laver, Microsoft ably assisted by our new constable of Windsor Castle Sir James Perowne & Rafiq Chohan Chair of Slough Business Community Partnership.

The standard was very high in both age categories. The pupils spoke clearly, used emphasis well and clearly had put a huge amount of work into their preparations for the competition. I wish Trevelyan and St Mary’s the very best of luck in the next round.

youth speaks 1090 zone final tevelyan 2015 judges intermediate

Both David & Neil gave constructed feedback, encouraging all participants to speak whenever they get the opportunity as it will hold them in excellent stead for their future careers.

“A great treat, entertaining and reassuring night. The future is safe in the hands of our youth. The talent that was recognised by business leaders from diverse backgrounds shows there is often an instant and universal connection to great speakers. Remarkable grasp of current issues of the day…impressive presence, structure and tone in the delivery from ones so young”

youth speaks 1090 zone final trevelyan school 2015 trevelyan intermediate winners

Trevelyan Middle School, Windsor won through to become Zone WINNERS and will go through to the District Finals. Molly Kemp, Michael Smith & Ginny Davis shone through on the topic of “Is Superman so Super?” and had the audience smiling & thinking in equal measure.

Inspirational students demonstrated entertaining communicating skills. No signs of nerves and with bags of self confidence the zone finalists of ……. wowed their audience with the poor and cons of a wide range of issues, some tongue in cheek and some deadly serious.
In a world where there is an essential need for people to discuss their differences rather than resorting to violent disagreement how good can it be to to see youth taking a lead by showcasing their communication skills.
Long may it continue.

St Mary’s School Ascot took the Senior crown on the topic of “Why are Englishmen so infatuated by football?” and what a topic to spin on its head! Obviously Laura Murray, Allegra Moghtader-Mojdehi & Lucy Wilson are on the lookout for a fashion sponsor for the District competition!

youth speaks 1090 zone final trevelyan school 2015 st marys senior winners

It was a truly uplifting experience to witness children present in such a commanding fashion. Youth Speaks appears to give participants the confidence to articulate an argument to large crowds; an invaluable asset for their future.

I love managing these events for our club & the Zone final, it’s so inspiring to hear our young people are soooo able to communicate to large groups of people. In the future, these guys will be our leaders and I feel confident we are in safe hands.

Thank you.

Jon Davey

3 thoughts on “Youth Speaks 1090 Zone Final Trevelyan School Windsor

    1. You obviously don’t have a daughter Steven or you’d appreciate the humour… to assist, all others wore school uniform, they are co-ordinated which doesn’t happen by chance & was a strategic part of their presentation. Good thinking on their part as it gave them confidence & they shone that little bit brighter across the finishing line.


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