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Negative vibes

There once was an ugly duckling… that should have been culled at birth!

Had this chap following me on LinkedIn and he kept posting negative comments against my posts… I assume to amuse himself & to irritate me. Last time he did it I warned him that I would take action if he couldn’t balance his negativity with a dash of positivity… obviously he couldn’t.

Yesterday I checked LinkedIn after a long & most enjoyable day to be greeted by yet another negative comment on a post… I’ve had enough and so figured blast him on the post then delete him from my world forever and discovered LinkedIn had revised their world, saving me a few clicks.

No need to go and delete him from my connections through the connections section, I could do it by looking at his ugly mug… HURRAH… I returned to the post and his comment had been removed… must assume all his negativity has been removed from my world… DOUBLE HURRAH…

I believe the current word for this sort of behaviour is trolling… who wants to spend their lives living under bridges, popping up just to annoy people… that’s no way to exist… I guess he must have issues… I do hope he doesn’t cross my path when I’ve having a nice evening somewhere… hope he saves it for when I’m having a bad day and could benefit from a little physical exercise to de-stress 😉

Have you had this experience… some annoying irritant in your social media face?

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