slough business awards 2015 the green award business of the year

The Green Award Business of the Year

The award will be given to the business that demonstrates clear evidence of green business practice and commitment to environmental sustainability.

How long does it take to scribble 1200 words about how GREEN you are? Would you like Slough’s top businesses knowing your name and how GREEN you are? Well fill in the blinking form then and stop procrastinating… off course you can be a winner…

“You just need to be in it to win it!”

Award entry deadline extent to Friday 13th February… lucky for some 😉

Questions below… form here… SORT IT!

1. Please tell us how your business is committed to enhancing employee skills. Include any risks or obstacles that you may have had to overcome?

2. What is it that sets you and your business apart from your rivals?

3. Give details of how your company approaches employee development?

4. Provide details of your future plan for growth?

5. Please give a general description of your business and financial performance?

More about the awards…

3 thoughts on “The Green Award Business of the Year

  1. What a fantastic opportunity for broadening and deepening a meaningful business conversation about the tripple bottom line! From the perspective of ‘communications’ a tripple-bottom- line perspective, would include within ‘environment’ the contribution of ‘human beings’ and the social environment which we create for ourselves and each other. I cant think of a better person to nominate for this award than John Davey of Business in Berkshire! … Get in touch John and let’s go for it!


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