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CrowdPatch CSR Crowd Funding Initiative

Would you love to do something about CSR but are struggling to find a budget to make a difference? How about we help you multiply your budget to have an even greater impact on your local community?

If you just want to get on with it, call me 07717 820823 or email jonathanldavey at gmail dot com

For many companies CSR is just a phrase, an irritation that gets in the way of business. But those that take it seriously see their share prices increase & more customers making that extra effort to walk through their doors as word gets around what jolly good eggs / jelly beans they are.

So if you want to be seen as the most rounded, brightest, caring, sharing, yummiest jelly bean in your company then you need to tell your MD, CEO, HR & Marketing Directors about our bronze, silver & gold CSR initiatives below…

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But first let’s quickly describe what CSR, Crowd Funding and CrowdPatch are…

CSR is about doing the best for your local community while finding legitimate ways to measure your company’s impact locally, which can then be used to enhance your reputation both in real time & on the balance sheet. Companies that engage in CSR are valued more highly on the stock market.

Crowd funding is the new way to finance local projects, asking your crowd to assist with an initiative that can be demonstrated to offer added value to the community at large. That might be to help fund a young person’s desire to row the Atlantic, a council project to raise money so your town can celebrate a Royal occasion or simply to raise a few extra pounds for the local old people’s club to facilitate larger Christmas crackers this year!

As long as the cause is an honest one, people will dig deep. Gifts are exchanged for an individual’s contribution… from a simple “Thank you!” tweet to a concert in your garden by a musician! (Amanda Palmer raised $1.2m by crowd funding, top prize for $5k was your own concert.)

CrowdPatch is a crowd funding platform that charges 0% to users, while most others charge between 5-15% of the revenue generated. CrowdPatch does this by having Patch Leaders who help local communities engage, teaching individuals how best to evolve their projects and offering support in the planning, launch & ongoing engagement phases.

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We fund Patch Leaders through our CSR Crowd Funding Initiative. This offers your companies the ability to measure outcomes as well as providing education & support to ensure the best results for all concerned. Through the crowd funding process we are able to multiply your company’s CSR funding pot, adding value all the way. We currently have bronze, silver & gold CSR options…

Your company invests £1,000

We help you launch 4 crowd funding projects that benefit the local community, include your employees and their families & engage the wider population.

• Educating those involved in the art of crowd funding – ½ day workshop
• Helping them plan & lay the foundations
• Be on hand to assist with questions that might arise

The perfect scenario is that each project generates £500 and so your CSR budget is doubled, as well as all the many added value measures, stories, goodwill and community impact you’ll be able to add to your CSR report this year.

Your company invests £5,000

This can result in 20 crowd funding projects as bronze above or alternatively, we can put more of our energy into 4 projects by getting involved in fully managing their execution. This might look like:

• Planning the project launch over a month, 4 x ½ days
• Laying the foundations of each campaign
• Executing the crowd funding campaign with 4 x ½ days of engagement

The perfect scenario is that, however the projects mix up, (could be 10 bronze & 2 fully managed), that they generate £25,000 and your CSR budget is multiplied 5x.

Your company invests £10,000

This might result in 50 crowd funding projects as bronze above or alternatively, we can put more of our energy into 10 projects by getting involved in fully managing their execution.

The aim of this level would be to multiply your fund 10x and make a huge impact on & in your local community, the families of your employees, their friends and relations. Great work, well done!

If you’d like to discuss how you get involved in our CrowdPatch CSR Crowd Funding Initiative then please call me, Jon Davey on 07717 820823 or email jonathanldavey@gmail.com

Thank you.


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