mark trademark windows meeting

Has Mark made the sun shine for you?

This time 5 years ago Mark Ashwell was looking to take on the big guns of the Conservative Party by running as an Independent candidate for Wokingham…

He got more votes than any other Independent candidate in the country, 2340… a great result but only 10% of John Redwood’s total!

Now he’s a local conservative councillor who is putting his talents to good use helping the people of Wokingham. Making the best use of his god given talents.

The great thing is that Mark didn’t get all bitter & twisted, ranting on for years about how Wokingham’s Great Redwood should be re-planted back in California but simply learned a lesson & moved on. Brilliant example of how you should approach life…

Don’t regret stuff you do, or blame others for your lack of achievement, just take the positive, learn from the negative and roll with it…

mark and ric trade mark windows

Rolling with the times, he’s just opened a new TradeMark Windows showroom in Woodley and has been hard at work getting Google driving leads through his door.

I called in with Richard last week to talk Crowd Funding, bringing projects alive for the Wokingham community… he hasn’t called me back yet, too busy polishing those new windows, ensuring the sun shines through for his customers but I know it’s only a matter of time…

sales motivation buddha

I’m in his head, there is no escape… something will come across his bow & he’ll be straight on the blower… “Oi, Oi!” he’ll cry, “Grab a pen, phone Rita, Sue & Bob too on 000 111 222” and with a click, he’ll be back in conservatory land, making the sun shine through some lucky customers’ windows 😉

If Mark has made the sun shine for you, just click LIKE & if you have the time, tell us a story…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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