MarlowFM join their Dragon Boat…

MarlowFM is a bustling community radio station that is based in Marlow but, in this ‘ere modern world, can be heard online.

Sadly, also in this modern world, there are those that see an opportunity to take what’s not theirs and ruin things for those who are more community minded. Their base station equipment has been stolen and the value of this equipment is £8,000!

Locals have rallied around and donations of £1,500 have landed via the website, thank you to those who have dug deep, if you haven’t and would like to, donate here…

Carla Delaney invited me on her show on Thursday and we were talking crowd funding, Magna Carta, Dragon Boats and how could I help MarlowFM raise a few quid? With High Wycombe just up the road & Dorney Lake round a bend in the river, using the Dragon Boat Challenge to raise a few hundred quid makes jolly good sense.

Carla is the “Executive Skipper” that means, she happy to organise & promote but she’d rather someone else hop in the boat and do all the real grafting 😉

If you’d like to join in the fun, email Carla

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