pound for pound stuart and jon

Pound for pound think your weight campaign…

Pound for pound (lb4lb.org.uk) is about scratching each other’s back… we help you, you reward us!


Stuart & I were talking the other day about losing weight, how I’d lost a stone & a half attending Slimmer’s World and not eating everything I see! He’d lost ½ stone by simply thinking about it!

He told me he’d used a positive mantra and believes this gets into his subconscious which in turn changes his behaviour without him having to consciously think about it. It’s a miracle… and it works.

So we figured, if we share it with you and you benefit from it, by losing a few pounds… then by way of a thank you, you give us a £ for each lb in weight you lose… seems fair to us… you in?

We could have done it for charity but we both do lots for charity and he wants some more sweets and I need a new motorbike 😉

Thank you.

Jon & Stuart

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