Preparing to launch our Magna Carta Appeals

Magna Carta is all over the news at the moment, with this year marking 800 years since its sealing at Runnymede in 1215 by King John.

The picture above is of a pageant held at Runnymede in 1934 to celebrate Magna Carta. I think we probably need to scan the real image!

king john seals the magna carta

Was it sealed at Runnymede? On the island at Wraysbury? Or perhaps neither! Possibly agreed at Runneymede & written up by the monks elsewhere… the jury is out but hey, at least we got a jury thanks to Magna Carta… And hopefully, European barons permitting, we’ll be allowed to keep it forever…

How might you get involved in the Magna Carta Celebrations?

There are a number of things planned and many more will be announced as individuals who get things done start doing… if you’re one of those, we’d like to hear from you.

Margaret Lenton Chair of the stake holders for the Magna Carta celebrations…

Margaret Kirby is looking for some Magna Carta Champions to spread the news around the borough and further afield… have you an interest in history? Do you inspire others into action? You’d best say hello… add a comment below…

The centre piece of this event will be a Flotilla down the River Thames to Runnymede, Mark Taylor tells us more… firstly as an appeal…

Then as a journey down the river…

We’re just getting things lined up at this time, do come and join the Magna Carta 800 Patch we have created to crowd fund for a whole host of events… sign up and you’ll hear about the events as they come to life…

I’ve started a Magna Carta blog and a @MagnaCarta1506 twitter channel, tune in and as we have anything Magna Carta come our way, we’ll be sure to push it out to those who are listening…

Thank you.


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