2014 thames valley international technology conference microsoft

Tell us about Small Tech Companies in Berkshire

Small Tech companies in the Thames Valley need all the exposure they can get…

The Thames Valley’s International Technology Conference 2015, now in its 2nd year, is a great place to get some exposure for you and your technology company.

As well as Louize from ConnectTVT hosting the “Start-Up Pitch Competition”, I’ve been asked if I can drive more eyeballs, followed by ears & legs to the event!

How about this?

Over on the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group I’ve just launched a discussion entitled, Tell us about your favourite Small Tech Company in Berkshire… the idea is that the story teller & one person from the company who’s story is being shared, will be invited to attend the conference for free.

And Berkshire will choose the winner by the number of likes against the story by the end of February… so the sooner you get the story up, the more likes you are likely to get, the better chance you have saving a few quid on tickets to spend on something completely different!

So tell us a story and then tell your pals to like it…

Thank you.


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