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Are you missing the office banter?

When you’ve got a great idea you want to share with someone at a big corporate and you don’t know who to call… what do you do?

In the old days, when you worked in corporate HQ you could ask Fred, he’d know! Today, from the comfort of your dining room table, what do you do? Are you missing the office banter and access to info?

If only you had Fred’s phone number! But you don’t, he got promoted to the US as you jumped ship and began to sail you own ship… or more likely paddle your own canoe.

Perhaps what you need is an alternative office… one you can visit once / twice a week and engage with others who may have a similar canoe, some may even own yachts and simply enjoy hanging out with real people in real time.

GROW @ Green Park is such a venue, based near the Wind Turbine you see from the M4, you can pop in for the odd day, or spend most of your time there… it’s filling up with entrepreneurs of all ages… from recently graduated young things to seriously wrinkly but still sparkling old sea dogs!

Just this morning our Richard needed a contact in KPMG to run an idea past so I introduced him to new Richard, recently left the organisation, who has just popped out for a run… because he can!

grow jog on

Dots joined…

So what dots do you need to join up… come and spend a day or two at GROW, say hello to those in the room and see if you can get more pieces of your mental jigsaw put in place… hey, and why not help them buy a few laptops by paying for a day RIGHT HEAR, RIGHT NOW >>>

Then when you’re on board you can sign up to be part of GROW’s Dragon Boat Team that will be racing at Dorney Lake on 28th June 2015… come on, you know you want to 😉

dragon boat team grow at green park

The community is growing every week down at GROW… come and spend some time down here and meet some like minded folk… enjoy a new office environment… some banter old & new!

Or you can just remain your own best kept secret at the dining table…
YOU decide?

Thank you.


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