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Crowdfunding, well that was a Cinch!

In the old days, way back before 2015, if you had a great idea then you might be reluctant to share it because others might steal it…

In 2015, as the government searches for ways to make us more afraid, the people are moving to a new stage of evolution. Leaving he old guard, like the banks, behind for a positive new way of being… technology is putting the people in charge of their own destiny…

Those greedy and mean spirited can keep themselves a secret, no-one will care because no-one will hear what they have to say.

Whereas those open of mind and spirit, happy to share their thoughts and ideas with the world, will find like-minded folk out in the ether, hanging around on the internet, who are only too happy to help them on their life’s journey.

thermo tents facebook

Today I started doing some crowd building for a new company out of Ireland who are preparing to crowd fund their Thermo Tent Project on Kickstarter…

cinch pop up tents web page

I reached out Jake from Cinch Pop Up Tents, who had already crowd funded nearly £100k for his own tent project and asked if he’d be willing to help the boys out… “No problem Jon, what they got under the bonnet?”

crowdpatch home page

I reached out to Ric, my mentor over at CrowdPatch and he said, “Bring them over, we’re happy to help those already crowd funding on other more well known crowdfunding platforms… we don’t charge a fee… no brainer… happy to be of service.”

Two jolly nice chaps… that’s the world I want to live in, not the paranoid version we are presented with on the news channels… kids don’t watch TV, they surf Youtube anyway! Times they are a changing… that could be a song 😉

(I know, he’s a bit quiet on this but hey, sometimes that’s a good thing 😉 Have bought a mic for future shoots… compare with below… )

Do join our Magna Carta 800 patch, that’s going to be fun…

magna carta 800 patch front page

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you choose to get up to… do come and join me over at the BerkshirePatch.com who knows what adventures we’ll be going on next week 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

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