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Reading University Business Society Crowd Funding in Real Time

We’re hearing more and more about Crowd Funding but what is it? Come and join in our event, better still help us crowd fund the actual event!

Better still, if you have a great idea, why not pitch the attending crowd and if your peers & real business people like it in real time, you could be a WINNER! (See form at bottom of page)

10 pitches, 5 WINNERS get their own crowd funding project space provided by CrowdPatch & an expo stand at Thames Valley EXPO, 19th March… top crowd funder at the event will also get a speaking slot a the EXPO… you’ve got to be in it to win it!

reading university business society

Reading University
13:00 – 17:00pm
Wednesday 4th March 2015

The best way to start thinking about crowd funding is to ask your crowd if they think it has legs… if they like your idea they will show it with hard currency!

In this case, the winners funds will start with whatever money we raise from the “Crowd Funding in Real Time” Crowd Funding Campaign… enabling local businesses and individuals to show their support for the idea and be part of an event to remember.

Join us… Entry is FREE… register on Eventbrite…

You’ll be a WINNER whatever happens if you join in! Experience is the key, learning how to share ideas comes from… sharing ideas! The more exposure the better for a new business… local news, local bloggers, exhibitions, networking events… all great channels to get the word out about the new kid in town 😉

You want people talking about you… the only way they can do that is if they know you exist!

Come and share your brilliant idea with 100 of your fellow business students & real life business people who will help you on your business journey in more ways than one!

The top 5 ideas presented on the day will be well on their way to generating the £225 required to take exhibition space at a The Thames Valley EXPO, Green Park, 19th March 2015.

The individual who raises the most green chips on the day will be given a Speaking Slot at Thames Valley EXPO.

Obviously this is not for the faint hearted or those full of blinking stupid ideas, but for those brave warriors & warrioresses amongst Reading’s student fraternity who are confident enough to present their ideas to 100+ people for 5 minutes, this will be a day to remember… FOREVER! Business people can also register to pitch, not just students… form at bottom of page…

The format of the afternoon:

reading student union

12:30 Doors open

13:00 Welcome by Tarran Sanders & Jon Davey

13:15 dklDKL is an old British bulldog that taught the Russian Bear a few tricks! As Student President of Nottingham University his name is still carved into a wall after he organised a sit in about the quality of the beer! People are still following DKL into various battles… recent past Regional Chair of Thames Valley FSB…

13:30 CrowdPatch Pitches – 10 x 5 minutes

david hampton sustainability leader14:30 David Hampton CEng CEnv was awarded the Sustainability Leader Award by in November. A very high accolade indeed for someone who has spent much of their career battling against the tide… probably rowing for Cambridge and then England gave him the appetite! Fight for what you believe in…

14:45 Networking, attendees will discuss ideas further with those they want to hear more about and drop their chips in the relevant collection boxes

adam clark15:30 Adam Clark founding partner of GROW @ Green Park will entertain us with a tale from the almost river bank, well OK, the pond! Obviously we needed a bit of rough to go with all the smooth… he’s filling while we await the final count down, so please, make him feel welcome but don’t encourage his rock star pose 😉

15:50 The WINNERS of this part of the challenge will be announced… the top 5 moving into the online crowd funding stage with space provided by CrowdPatch. Sign up for the Berkshire Patch today so you can stay tuned…

sarah giblin16:00 Now for something completely AWESOME, our keynote speaker Sarah Giblin founder of Riut. Riut is her product design philosophy and the guiding principle behind every decision made at Riut.
It stands for “Revolution in user thinking”. The first Riut product is the RiutBag. It is a unisex rucksack designed for safe, calm and positive commuting and city travel. It was funded on Kickstarter by over 1000 backers worldwide in November 2014.

17:00 That’s a rap, or network some more… you decide…

How we pick the winner:

reading university 3sixty

• 10 people will share their ideas for 5 minutes
• The crowd will network with those sharing their ideas for the next hour
• Everyone in the crowd will have been given 5 green chips on entry
• The crowd picks their favourite ideas and adds in 1-5 chips in their jar(s)
• The 5 with the most green chips WIN

What does WINNING mean?

thames valley expo reading

• The top 5 will be given exhibition spots at Thames Valley EXPO, 19th March which have a value of £275 each, which needs to be crowd funded. The organisers will kindly start each winner off with £50 and we then they crowd fund the balance of £225.
• We are crowd funding the event prize pot which will be shared equally with our WINNERS.
• If under the £225 needed for the EXPO, then the individual crowd funding project will need to raise the shortfall first before any additional funding can be used to progress their idea.
• Each winner will require a PayPal account to gather funds from crowd funding post the event. This will be plugged into your CrowdPatch project account.
• We will then push the winners’ entries via our own channels, those of the local media & business bloggers, raising the profile of each and crowd funding extra monies that will enable the winners to develop their ideas further so they shine at the EXPO and beyond!
• Once on CrowdPatch you’ll need to come up with some simple gift ideas that will be exchanged for contributions to your cause.

Let’s get this show on the road… book your seat at the event & if you are up for it, enter the CrowdPatch Pitch & share your idea with the crowd and really get to know what crowd funding is all about.


The first 10 to complete the form will be given the opportunity to pitch…
5 slots gone… 5 remain…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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