which came first the chicken or the egg

Which came first the egg or the egg?

I’ve been buying some of my groceries from the Windsor Farm Shop of late… quality is better…

“Yeah, yeah” I hear you say… well its true… just check out above.

I bought some free range top end eggs from a well known supermarket and some from the farm shop and broke one of each into my breakfast pan, taking a snap before whisking those chucks into a frenzy 😉

Which one is from the Farm Shop and why?

3 thoughts on “Which came first the egg or the egg?

  1. I would say the one on the right, as you look at the picture, is the farm shop one, It has a darker yolk, which I think means the chicken was in better health.


    1. Correct… I had assumed because the chuck was eating better stuff but now I want to bin the supermarket eggs! You win a box of 5 supermarket eggs or the publication of a story in our blog… what would you like to talk about?


  2. I would also guess that it’s the one on the right – but for a second reason. The egg white on the right is symmetrical around the darker yolk, whereas the one on the left is ‘messy’. This is because the egg white on the right, ie the ‘farmshop egg’ cooks much quicker because the white has a higher protein content. Goes to show that there are more factors involved in our decision-making over-and-above the ‘price’ factor… or to put it simply … its not only ‘size’ that matters!


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