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A typical Windsor & Eton Rotary Luncheon

We’re always on the look out for those special people in the community to come and join us at Windsor & Eton Rotary Club.

So I thought I’d take you through a “typical” Rotary lunch at our club. 1-2pm most Monday lunchtimes at The Castle Hotel in Windsor.

windsor and eton rotary lunch 2

It starts when the President calling us to order…

windsor and eton rotary luncheon blesma

We then chat amongst ourselves and go up to collect our lunch from the buffet. Last Monday it was salmon, chicken, potatoes, mixed vegetables, fruit salad & some yummy puddings… I didn’t participate as doing the old Slimmers World and can’t sin at lunch time as well as the evening!

end polio now windsor rotarian adrian stabbins and geoff kidd

Then someone might get an Award for something completely amazing. This was to do with End Polio Now, which Bill Gates gave $500 million in match funding. When the District Governor 1090 was with us a few weeks back he said how our District had given more than any other in the UK… and our Club had given more than any other Rotary Club in the District (70 I think)… and Adrian Stabbins had raised 90% of that with his various efforts, so it was only right and fitting that he get a photo of the certificate 😉

geoff kidd inducts greg parrish

New members tend to spend a few months just saying hello to other club members and in this way we can determine if there is a natural fit. So many are enthusiastic for a few weeks but then don’t bother and this is such a waste of time for all concerned. If you can’t commit to being part of the club then go find another club that is more in keeping with your needs. If you’re chasing business then this is not the club for you. If you want to try and improve things for the Windsor community at large while having some fun doing it then that’s a much better fit.

blesma presentation to rotarians

Last week we were lucky enough to get a presentation from William Gillett of BLESMA. These guys make sure that soldiers injured in combat get what they deserve from the government and if they should sadly move on, that their wife’s are look after. Great work.

captain talks about blesma

Major Colin Whitworth shared how he’d been injured in Northern Ireland and only been able to carry on with his career thanks to the help he received from BLESMA. He is now heavily involved in taking soldiers off on inspirational expeditions to build their confidence and have some bloody good fun!

belsma presentation to rotary

Thank you to Major Colin Whitworth, President Geoff Kidd, Colin Meads and William Gillett for all their efforts. Both Windsor Clubs had a collection day over Christmas where buckets were rattled in Windsor and £800 was raised and a cheque presented on the day.

Windsor Rotary Clubs present cheque to BLESMA

Uma Patel, Sergeant at Arms, shares interesting facts about on this day in history while fining those who have got themselves in the media! This story should make the club a few quid 😉

Uma master at arms

So there you go a “typical” luncheon for Windsor & Eton Rotary Club.

If you’d like to know more then give me a nudge.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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