WINNING crowd funding idea reading university

Sponsors Needed for Reading University Crowd Funding Event

We’ve got an event in just over a week, 4th March at Reading University and we’d like YOU to sponsor it…

Original idea was to get 50 business people to pay £20 to join us… the £1000 giving us the budget for the 5 EXPO stands which are up for grabs. Thing is, business people like to keep their diaries open for “real” business appointments and so I’ve launched a Plan B…

Let’s Crowd Fund the event… you can throw in £5, £10, £35, £75, £100, £200, £500 or even go WAY LARGE at £1000.

The first £1000 will pay the EXPO fees, the next will go straight into the coffers of each of our WINNING crowd funding entries equally… BOOST them on their way to greatness.

Do help us make this a date to remember… we’ll certainly remember those who help us along the highway… check out what you’ll get for your money honey 😉

  • £5 we tweet out A BIG THANK YOU via our social channels
  • £10 we create a Thank You certificate which we’ll email over to you
  • £35 we’ll push out a blog via The Berkshire Blog that you send us
  • £75 we’ll write a blog about you and push it out
  • £100 we’ll shoot a 2 minute video of you, at the event and push that out along with a story about you.
  • £200 your brand can be associated with one of the stands, sponsored by
  • £500 we’d like to put together an show guide with all the information in it
  • £1000 you become the event sponsor

And pencil the date in your diary… love to see you there…

You can follow it by heading for GROW after, they’ve got a pitching event happening… not as rock and roll as ours… one for old people 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

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