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Our 1st Five Crowd Funding Contenders have come racing in…

This Wednesday we’ll be hosting a Crowd Funding Event in Real Time at Reading University. Join us…

The first five contenders to register are:

• Telephone Call Handling pitched by Paul Forrest

• Academic Network pitched by Alejandro Marco

• Student Car Cash pitched by James Arnold

• Dan Parker Ginetta Supercup pitched by Dan Parker

• Helping the So Called “Lost Generation” pitched by Andrew Kunman

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We are expecting around 100 students to participate during the afternoon… that’s how the Reading University Business Society events usually roll out.

We’ve got some great speakers… Sarah Giblin who successfully raised £60k for an innovative idea… Dave “Carbon Coach” Hampton who knows how to keep his chin up when the going gets tough… and more…

WINNING crowd funding idea reading university dave 320

Only a handful of business people have registered to join us. I’ve got to say I am a little disappointed in Berkshire’s Business Community’s lack of response to this. Four reasons come to mind:

• Our business is doing so well, we don’t need to worry about crowd funding
• Our bank lets us borrow all we need, no problem, I’ll give it a swerve
• I’m not asking others for help… I don’t need any help… I can do everything myself…
• I can’t benefit from hanging out with a bunch of students for the afternoon

Great, if your business is rocking then you don’t need to join in… hope the wind stays in your sails. If the banks can’t stop writing you a line of credit, nice work that man / woman.

We are British and we do hate to ask other people for help. It’s the biggest problem with our small business world. Everyone tries to struggle on under their own steam… we can’t do everything… come and have a listen…

If you can’t see the value in hanging out with younger, agile minds for an afternoon then you’re not going to be open to new ideas and so probably best stay in your office and sharpen your quill!

WINNING crowd funding idea reading university 320

The afternoon will be fun… those present will pick 5 winners from our 10 contenders and they will then be invited to set up a Crowd Funding page on CrowdPatch… we’ll then help each gain exposure via our media channels with the aim of raising £200 each to pay for the Reading EXPO stands. Thames Valley Reading EXPO takes place on 19th March.

Nothing in life comes easy and there is no such thing as a free lunch… This way we help competitors learn how to engage with their fans, drive awareness of their idea and raise a small pot of money.

Whatever money comes in via the current crowd funding page will be shared with our competitors.

Valuable business lessons learned along this short highway… do make the effort.

WINNING crowd funding idea reading university crowdpatch 320

Thank you.


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