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Most of us are pretty rubbish at asking for help, would you agree?

I had organised a crowd funding event at Reading University this week and it was interesting to observe the build up…

Business people need to be 2 minutes from their cars so they can escape at will… students need to be near other students so they feel safe and cocooned in the bosom of their University chums.

The event was pulled because the dots hadn’t been joined their end… PWC double booking and winning the day with their hard cash! It was annoying, I’d lined up some great speakers and organised some interesting speakers… apparently the students would have joined in on the day, thinking they can just wing it but hey, they need to learn only experience facilitates a level of wingingness and real professionals rehearse whatever the gig.

I didn’t freak out, all that energy wasted! I’d done some learning… separate events will be better… students and business people have vastly different needs… we’ll reschedule for May after they’ve had a month off… they deserve the rest! Chance would be a fine thing…

We hate change don’t we… we like things just so and any alternation to this can prove slightly irritating to incredibly annoying, dependent on your flexibility bone which definitely has an age related component 😉

I simply headed north to meet one of the crowd funders half way, we had an excellent meeting, identified opportunity and I then went our separate ways… me, to GROW where there was a pitch off for next week’s Microsoft International Technology Conference… sell out apparently… see you there.

Must dash… off to see my man Joe and talk Magna Carta and then on to Badgemore School, Henley to talk crowd funding 3D Printers… just wanted to scribble a few words on the blog, not been blogging like I was a few months ago… talk soon…

Thank you.


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