Do you love camping? You’ll love this…

Tired of waking up, the tent dripping with moisture… it doesn’t have to be like that anymore!

Thermo Tents have come up with a innovation in tents that keeps the temperature balanced while dulling the noise from the rest of the campsite… although those seagulls on your neighbours caravan roof can’t be quietened unless you stop throwing bread on their roof at midnight 😉

These new Thermo Tents are loved by Artic Explorers, red squirrels and red foxes in equal measure… just ask Basil Brush… go on, dare you xx

thermo tents website

Thermo Tents have asked me to assist them with their journey to 35,000 Euro and beyond…

So far, the best thing I have done for them is get them to connect with like minded souls… those who have already run crowd funding campaigns and been successful… be that with a design mind set, an outdoors mindset or a combination of both.

cinch web page

First person I got them talking to was Jake Jackson, he’d raised £100,000 off a target of £50k for a new tent design, Cinch Pop Up Tents.  They’ve also talked to Sarah Giblin who created Riut rucksacks.  Now to find some more…

WINNING crowd funding idea reading university sarah 320

If you have an interest in camping or crowd funding, then please check out the following links and follow Thermo Tents using your preferred social communications channel and if you can, help them on their journey… thank you.

And prepare for their crowd fund launch on 17th March… a popular day for the Irish… why is that?

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