thames valley expo 2015 presents

Book your place for next week’s Thames Valley EXPO

thames valley expo 2015

What’s in your diary for next Thursday, 19th March? Pencil it out and book your place here…

I love attending exhibitions because you just don’t know who are you are going to bump into… some old pals from the past, some new kids on the block… you get to learn some new stuff and watch some old fossils repeating the same old, same old 😉

With over 70+ exhibitors, 7 keynotes, 5 workshops, networking and FREE ENTRY (like you’d pay!) it’ll be a most interesting day at Green Park, Reading.

It takes all sorts to make a community and the magic blend of what makes us individual, ensures a special day… you really need to celebrate by being part of the mix… come and tell us who you are…

If you haven’t paid for a stand then it’s not really cricket to pitch up looking to sell your wares to those who have invested hard cash in the process… you’ll prove annoying and word will get round that you’re a “free loader” and no-one likes a “free loader”… in fact, I think we’re getting some stickers done to highlight those folk! Watch your back 😉

Best thing to do is to approach each stand and find out what they are doing, consider how that might help you do what you do… if it can add value to your world then gather more information, then move on… if not a direct fit but you enjoy the topic or the craic then chat away… if not, move on…

In this way you’ll have a most interesting day speaking to lots of people who you can hook up with after on LinkedIn and continue the conversation… assuming you’ve been to Mark’s workshop and know the ropes…


Here are a few of the workshops you might find useful… then again!

Here are a few of the egos you might find entertaining… then again!

mary flavelle boss thames valley expo

Number 1 rule about this expo, or indeed any EXPO in Berkshire, is that Mary Flavelle is the boss… that’s obvious from the positioning of the Mayor of Windsor & Maidenhead above! So ensure you get on favourable terms with Mary from the off… you need to greet her in the time honoured way and say, “Alright our Mary, g’us a kiss!” and follow this by planting a nice big kiss on her cheek… doffing your cap or hair piece as you walk away… now that WILL make the day a bit more fun 😉

mary flavelle thames valley expo

Thank you.


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