#CrowdFunding101 12:45PM Thursday 19th April #TVExpo

Got some air time this Thursday, that’ll be tomorrow then! Join me in real time at 12:45PM at Thames Valley EXPO, The Conference Centre, Green Park, Reading. RG2 6GP

If you can’t make it then there is a new way to tune in, log in via Meerkat… a video streaming platform that is making social communication waves around the globe.

www.crowdfunding101.co.uk will take you to the front door of our Meerkat web space and you can watch and hear what we have going on in real time 😉

If you’re on an iPad or iPhone you’ll be able to download the app and follow me, therefore getting notified of the latest video stream going live…

If on a PC then you’re better off tuning in via my @wholovesyarbaby Twitter stream. If a current link has gone dead then a stream could start at any minute… main event will begin at 12:45PM.

It’s new and the video quality seems to vary but you’ll hear what’s going on… seems that iPad mini processes differently to an iPhone… anyone with latest iPhone, running v8 who plans on attending and has a steady hand, if you could pop over to my session and shoot it in real time, that would be just fab… thank you… enjoy…

thames valley expo 2015

The EXPO is all day with 60+ exhibitors and bunch of speakers… they’re expecting over 600 local business people, so it’ll be a great day’s networking if you can make it… register here…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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