Alec Thames Valley EXPO Mary Flavelle

Groucho and “She” who will be plc welcome all to #TVEXPO

“No man goes before his time – unless the boss leaves early.” Groucho Marx

Alec “Groucho” Jones Hall, minus cigar, “health, health & safety!” had them rolling in the isles at the launch of Thames Valley EXPO at Green Park, while Mary Flavelle was the hostess with the mostess for our VIP guests. What a great team… there’s someone missing, can’t think who it is 😉

Moving your business to the UK then Green Park for the Whitney Wiff

If you’re a US software guru or a Russian Oligarch looking for a new home in the UK then Green Park is a great place to store your bags while you look for somewhere that smells of English roses. As any good gardener will tell you, before your garden can smell of roses they need a little help from nature, so the “Whitney Whiff” helps you get acclimatised!

Rick was moving in while his Mrs, Flo gave us a few words about “Morearts” Wokingham… excuse the format of the videos, they were saved on #Meerkat and shot landscape, obviously next time I’ll be going portrait for maximum visual benefit… but you have to try things to learn how it’s done and also relax into being on camera as Flo demonstrates…

I went for a walk about and as you can see from this video the event was “banging” as Brad Burton would say being a bit of a music lothario from Somerset by way of Manchester. Bumped into Brad having a chat with what’s her name… before introducing him to expat Gavin Bain, who used to run some sort of networking group before selling up and moving to sunnier climes… he heard about #TVExpo and flew in for one night only…

I’d been sent a list of 193 people who’d booked for my workshop… I’d produced adequate flyers and rocked up expecting to have to push my way through to the front… turns out the booking system requires people to pick at least one workshop to book their ticket for the event! This is what 200 people look like, tuned into my Crowd Funding 101 presentation at #TVExpo which I streamed over #Meerkat and at the end, 3 people had tuned in on the day… just shows you what a week’s promotion can do for an event!

Gavin Bain 4 Networking

After Gavin had enjoyed a couple of hours of 4N’s speed networking format and reflected on where he’d gone wrong, I bumped into him next up at Brad’s presentation… figured it must be love… two big dogs meet and that’s it, they’re inseparable!

I think we should leave it to Groucho to describe Brad’s presentation…

“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” Groucho Marx

Great show, great fun, great chats, great to see you next time in Windsor.

Thank you.


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