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Thermo Tent’s Kickstarter Campaign has KICKED OFF

If you know anyone in the world of camping… from festival legends to great big retailers, share with them the following link so they can check it out for themselves.

I’ve been working with Derek to lay the foundations of a great crowdfunding campaign… he’s done 90% of it, I’m just throwing in my two penneth…

I’ve connected him with people who have run similar and not so similar campaigns so that they could share ideas of what works best when it comes to getting your campaign off to a great start.

People who have previously been successful with their campaigns are generally happy to share their thoughts to help you on your way… they are grateful to their crowd for helping them get started, not arrogant enough to think it was all down to them. This means they in turn are willing to share information…

At the end of the day the enthusiasm of others for your project will only be seen by the colour of their money… I’ve organised too many events and know that people may say they like something but in the end they have to turn up and make that purchase, be it an event or a crowd funding campaign.

YOU need to go see what’s on offer… not just pre-ordering snugly cuddly tents but you can get some weird and wonderful stuff… go see…

Don’t want to ruin the surprise but imagine you are night sea fishing and your phone dies, what you gunna do? There may be a solution for you here…

thermo tents kickstarter start


  • People who love camping
  • Especially people who love glamping!
  • Those of you who are buyers for retail / online chains
  • People who love night fishing
  • People who love string!
  • People who love would love to cross the Atlantic Ocean!
  • People who like hiking
  • Irish people
  • People who love the Irish
  • People who love people who have great ideas
  • People who like to help other people
  • YOU because you feel like it
  • YOU because you can
  • YOU because you’re YOU

That’ll be YOU then… click this way please…

Thank you.


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