jon triumph american

When someone says TT Power to me, my head thinks BIKES…

And if I’m a good boy and there is a god, then the above, leather clad with matching lid will be cruising time… find a way… kick down that door…

Reminds, must learn to play that sax I bought 5 years ago this summer!

That’ll be what the panniers are for 😉

thermo tents kickstarter tt power

And there’s a campaign happening a little closer than Italy… but then you could take your Thermo Tent to Italy and utilise your TT Power by the sea… when in Rome and all that!

If the Thermo Tent is coming in a bit steep at this time, treat yourself to a TT Power unit which would fit nicely in the other pannier and since the Isle of Man is surrounded by sea, it would come in jolly handy for making a nice brew or simply charging your phone while enjoy a nice bottle or two of that other Irish export Guinness!

How many dots have I successfully joined up there? Answers on a postcard… but you’d best be quick, Euro price is great for us in the UK which means the TT Power with Survival Bracelet and a big thank you tweet come in at under £60… get in…

Thank you.


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