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Maidenhead Twenties Club is back on, first up “Being Led By You… means what?”

Maidenhead Twenties Club is back on – 3 times a year – and the next one is a month away April 17th; so hopefully you are coming and is it possible to give it a blog for us?

We have a great speaker just written a new book “The Impact Code”. It’s really interesting because I have learnt in my working life that you may have great intentions and judge yourself by those, but other people judge you by the impact you have regardless of your intentions. There can sometimes be a big mismatch between intentions and impact. This interactive talk will give everyone a chance to test out whether their intention and impact, are at one. So well worth the £12 entry fee with breakfast included.


“Being Led By You… means what?”

  • Have you ever considered what it’s like to be led by you?
  • What people feel, think and do following an interaction with you?
  • Does what you say have the impact you intend? Every time?
  • How consistent are you in what you say, how you behave, the choices you overtly make, the messages and clues you emit?

Simon has worked closely with, and observed, hundreds of business leaders in his role as their coach, mentor and facilitator. His insights and transformational dialogues have inspired remarkable and yet simple change.

Simon inspires people around the world as he speaks, writes and teaches about the importance and application of living and leading with true simplicity. He will encourage you to discuss your style and what you really, truly want to cause – defining your Impact Code!

Secure your tickets here and feel free to bring a colleague or invite a client.


We all look forward to seeing you in April.

Best wishes
Deborah, Paula and Mark

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