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Time whizzing by? Stay in control by planning ahead

We are now already approaching the end of the first quarter of 2015 and the word on the lips of most businesses is how fast time seems to fly by.

Launching into the year with the enthusiasm of turning all attention to sales and customer delivery doesn’t leave much time to plan ahead.

Good business planning, along with financial planning and good processes for measuring performance are the common factors linking many successful and profitable businesses. In fact some would go so far as to say business planning is essential if you are to maximise the profit potential of your business.

Whether you are starting a new company or looking to develop an existing one, it is vital to build continually on the strengths of your business whilst minimising the risks of its weaknesses.

General benefits of business planning include:

  1. You’ll stay on strategy.
  2. Business objectives will be clear.
  3. Your educated guesses will be better.
  4. Priorities will make more sense.
  5. You’ll understand interdependencies.
  6. Milestones will provide focus.
  7. You’ll be better at delegating.
  8. Managing team members and measuring results their results will be easy.
  9. You can better plan and manage cash flow
  10. Course corrections will keep your business on track.

The concept of having to employ expensive consultants to support you in business and financial planning is a factor which puts most small businesses off the exercise. The trade-off being they do not have the benefit of a solid plan on which to build a sustainable revenue stream.

Good accountants who go the extra mile also offer business owners the benefit of business and financial planning support without the headache of the traditional consultancy expense and time consumption.

We at Keen Dicey Grover feel that delivering quarterly reviews of how your business is performing and offering strategic advice is important to ensure you feel safe, supported and confident in running your business.

By spending time with business owners and getting close to their businesses from the very beginning, Keen Dicey Grover provide the visibility of their business performance along with the comfort of control. We do this by offering advice to set and achieve goals and also the support and guidance needed when times are not so great.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by time whizzing by and would like to feel the comfort of being in control of your business, or would just like a sanity check to ensure you are still heading in the right direction, it really is worth having a chat with a good accountant that offers business and financial planning and advice.

Here at Keen Dicey Grover we make the importance of you feeling safe, supported and confident in running your business, our business.

Keen Dicey Grover.
We care… we really care.

Gareth Davies Gareth Davies FCA
Keen Dicey Grover
Chartered Accountants
Accounts, tax and business advice: 01753 652098
Website: www.kdg.co.uk

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