new growing shed

In April it’s all about ACTION!

This just in from Louize at the New GROWing Shed over at Green Park, Reading.

Because you are busy people I am only asking you to get involved in one of the four things below. Although feel free to do more  You can personally make a difference to this region’s and ultimately YOUR success. How? Donate, Attend, Shop and Share.

1. Donate a device to the Open Device Lab. What do we want? Phones, Tablets or Kindles in working order. How? Drop into GROWwith them.

2. Attend the Festival of Digital Disruption Event. What’s on? Loads and loads!

21st – Make a video in a day followed by our Film Festival and awards ceremony




3. Shop a Startup. We know the Thames Valley is teaming with interesting startups but we need to find them all. If you are a startup not on our map, add yourself now and share with others.

4. Share our digital skills survey with anyone employing people. This one really matters forthe future of talent attraction.

Thanks in advance for your help. Right now I’m absolutely exhausted from building a lab, planning the festival and launching a bootcamp so I’d really, really appreciate your support.


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