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“April Showers!” Berkshire Business Builder Bonanza


How’s business looking for you? Are you “conservatively” estimating the orders are pouring in? Or is it more “labour” intensive than you had hoped? Don’t worry, there are “green” shoots on the horizon… we just need to reduce the Global warming a touch!

Perhaps encourage all to adopt some “independent” common sense… stop listening to the campaign angles and just ask ourselves how can we help each other thrive and survive?

One way you can help me to help you, while I’m between contracts, is to reflect on how you might use my connectivity to your advantage during April & May…

How would you like to communicate simply with my 10,000+ strong audience?

• I have 790 people signed up for my Berkshire Blog which means they get every blog, as a full email, landing in their inbox… quality viewing!
• Some 5412 currently following me via my Twitter streams… a link to the story gets shared across all the channels.
• Over 3,500 are following me on LinkedIn and I have nearly 3,000 in the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group.
• Then there are over 5,500 people tuned into me via my email newsletter
• Stacked up, allowing for overlap, I figure 10,000+ is a fair figure.

So if you have something that is interesting and know how to tell a good story, then people could well come a clamouring at your door… if you are dull as dish then they’ll probably not turn up at the same rate!

If you provide me with a blog post each week for 8 weeks and you choose 2 of those blogs to be emailed directly to my email newsletter list and pay me £500 up front then we can do the deal.

Who’d like to play, don’t delay…

This offer is only open to the next 5 of you who take me up on it…


Thank you.

07717 820823

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