yolanda II ice breaker returns

Yolanda II : The ICE BREAKER Returns

Last year we raised over £800 from Dragon Boat racing.

In addition my Windsor & Eton Rotary Club kindly donated £1000 which meant we raised enough money to help fund 15 more boats for The Philippines!

I spoke to my contact who tells me they have enough boats now, they need fridges for all the fish they are catching! Perfect job for the ICE BREAKER 😉

Albuera Empowered Women Association RCC catch of the day being prepared for smoking

My Rotary Club are happy to put in £250 this year and so let’s see how many fridges we can get by Crowd Funding this year’s Yolanda crew… makes sense to have a new name for the boat and title for the campaign 😉

Yolanda II : The ICEMAN Returns

yolanda crew splash down

I have 3 of last year’s crew signed up, I have reached out to 3 others who took part… I’m looking for a full crew of 15 for this year… YOU IN?

yolanda dragon slayers resting

Bloody good fun splashing about on Dorney lake, racing 30+ other crews and finishing… who cares where… it’s a magical day out by the water with lots of entertainment for the kids… just need 12 brave paddlers to step up and join this year’s crew… come on, you know you want to!

Costs each of us £50 and then I want to raise more through friends and relations adding £5, £10 to the pot, taking us over the £1000 target figure I have in my head.

Jump in the boat or bung us a £5 so we can buy our friends in The Philippines a few fridges to store all the fish they are catching after last year’s generosity… good work.

Thank you.


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