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Independent candidates set to take Conservative seats in Windsor

Have you noticed a wind of change in politics… it’s happening & it’s happening now! Lunch on the campaign trail yesterday… WHOOOOSHHH!

For the next few weeks the Berkshire Blog with quieten down as my campaign blog comes to life Using WordPress so do follow the new channel if you follow BB.

jon davey preparing to canvass park ward windsor

I went for a walk yesterday, 4 hours later I’d visited 106 homes, handed over 40 leaflets in person, 19 had a proper chat, 10 requested my A3 policy document which is going into production this week and only 5 said no thank you. People want change…

People are looking for something new, something to give them hope of a better tomorrow rather than the steam roller that is current politics.

Leading by example, the European Union is run by corporations who are simply looking for more ways to make money and take it from those that don’t have very much to start with. Why is it that their accounts have not been signed off and they are still allowed to operate… would a small UK business be allowed the same leeway? I think not.

Europe make 80% of UK law and our MPs, of most every colour, simply dance to the party tune in acceptance of this. How is that in anyway looking after the interests of their local population? It isn’t but what can you do… people have a favourite colour and they will pick it when they go to the polls, should they bother to make the effort!

These lessons of it’s OK to bend this rule and bend that rule as long as it fits with the bigger picture is taken by local councils as a nod and a wink to play out their own agendas…

Windsor & Maidenhead is Tory lead with, 46/7 of the councillors out of 57 are Conservatives… one was found fiddling his housing benefit so he got suspended and is now independent… how does that work… if found guilty, why was he not sacked as a councillor?

From March to December 2014, 145 reports were late which essentially slow down / prevent democracy from occurring but hey, Europe is 20 years late so what’s the problem?

It’s not just Windsor… I was offered a Labour seat in Slough, a guaranteed one, smudge the address, easy, just do as we say… obviously I explained that I ain’t nobodies puppet and if I can’t do it properly then I’ll not do it at all.

canvassing park ward jon davey

I’m flying an INDEPENDENT FLAG with a little financial and moral support from West Windsor Residents Association. They expect me to be open & honest… so to go with my heart and make a difference in my community.

I have a running mate as all Park Ward constituents get 2 votes… so me and Franco De Luca, a local boy of Italian decent, are hitting the streets, pressing the flesh and intend to change Park Ward from blue to white in the local elections on 7th May 2015.

jon franco windsor twitter 320

Follow our campaign on the website or via @windsordaily on Twitter.

Thank you.


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