This offer is only open this afternoon…

new look berkshire blog

In my head it takes 1,000 people to visit your website for 1 to ask for more…

So does £247.00 for 1,000 visitors to a page on a website work for you? Offer closes 10PM this evening…

I’m in the mood for trying something new and so I need just a few people to pay me either £24.70 for 50 views or £247 for 1000 page views…

You send me to a page of content on your website, I will extract and add a small element of uniqueness, no major re-write! I will host it on The Berkshire Blog and we’ll start sending viewers to your page…

I’m uncertain of time frame of getting viewers to the page so no guarantees on that but we will get them there.

I will determine the nature of the viewers we are after based on what I read and explain to you after my thinking. I’ll obviously give the £247 more thought!

You pay me now via PayPal and I will get the wheels moving by asking for the page you want folk to read about.

Option A – £50 for 100 page views
Option B – £247 for 1000 page views

Let’s see how this experiment works… you in… best be quick…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
07717 820823

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