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How YOU & Twitter Can Help Tavistock Square Memorial Fund

There but for the grace of God go I…

For some people 7th July 2005 is a day they will never forget… most probably were not in Tavistock Square on that day but could so easily have been 10 years ago this year!

My friend Richard Kipling is helping the Tavistock Square Memorial Trust raise £100,000 by the end of June to pay for a memorial… can you help him to help them spread the word by signing up to his Thunderclap… this simply allows them to use your Twitter account once, on mass, along with 500 other Twitter users to reach the combined audience which will hopefully reach into millions!

Imagine if the 500 people had a combined reach of 10 million, 1% actually read the tweet and 5% of those donate £10, then they’d be half way to their target… hurrah for YOU, Twitter, Thunderclap, Richard and of course me 😉

Go on, no risk, nothing to loose, the worst that can happen is that the tweet goes out and none of your contacts respond… then you really need to look at who is following you and ask yourself if you should be keeping better company…


tavistock square memorial trust

The events of 7/7 impacted all Londoners. The creation of this site specific memorial is the chance to commemorate this. The memorial will be entirely funded by donations and will therefore be a fitting tribute to the community spirit demonstrated at the time.

We want to create a space where people feel comfortable coming to and can share experiences.

The memorial will be a permanent marker in an appropriate place and space. The design has been carefully selected to stand the test of time and provide a fitting tribute.

Our community really pulled together as the tragic events of 7/7 unfolded. This strong sense of community spirit perseveres today and we feel a permanent memorial will be a fitting tribute to all of those affected.


And / or if Twitter ain’t your bag, make a donation directly here…

crowdpatch free crowdfunraising balance

Thank you.


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