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How do you like your Marketing Reports to look & feel?

Some marketing people give you a ton of pictures and make it all pretty… others hit you with the raw data and a few key points… which is your preferred means of digestion?

How would you like to review Yolo Communications case study of market analysis of the luxury cashmere market through social media?

Here are the first two slides… if you’d like to see the rest then simply fill out the form below and I’ll get Nik to forward the report in full… enjoy.

Thank you.

07717 820823

One thought on “How do you like your Marketing Reports to look & feel?

  1. I’m interested, if only to see some context. Pretty picture not the only thing necessary but blank screen with text exported from spreadsheets isn’t either lol.

    A report should back up real time activity. Rather than just be a load of stats and presumptions it should deliver something understandable and doable by the client who’s activity more than not needs looking at.

    Just my thoughts, blinding people with mystical words like an old fashioned SEO bore has had it’s time. 2015 and there’s a need to deliver something that’s understandable and achievable, after all the customer is paying for the report 😉


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