Windsor EXPO Preview : The Benefits of Elearning

Pictures paint 1000 words… part 2 of our Windsor EXPO Preview introduces the eLearning Marketplace …

Elearning Marketplace what are the benefits of elearning

Elearning Marketplace what are the benefits of elearning? Find out more…

“We’re here to save you time and effort sourcing and implementing a tailored e-learning solution to meet your training requirements now and in the future”. – Carolyn Lewis, Managing Director

Our experience and expertise in the field of e-learning is at your disposal. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a personal end to end service, with flexibility at the heart of everything we do. There’s no need to buy into a licensing arrangement with one supplier and restrict yourself to their e-learning for all your online staff training. We work with over 150 e-learning publishers and can mix their products into one package for your business. Alternatively, you can choose the e-learning that you require as and when you need it to meet a specific requirement.

Our eFlex purchasing model enables you to make one purchase and then be in total control of choosing the training you require, from our complete catalogue of courses and e-books, as and when you need it. Within one working day choose the e-learning you require, whether it be one or multiple products, and have your staff undertake the training.


Register to attend Thames Valley EXPO Windsor Racecourse 25th June 2015

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