Lady Karen

Join us LIVE for Magna Carta 800th – The River Relay next weekend 13th & 14th June 2015

On Friday I’ll be cruising up The River Thames from Datchet to Cookham on Kris Cruisers Lady Karen in preparation for the first day of the Magna Carta 800th – The River Relay

the green room school

Saturday morning we’ll be picking up a bunch of kids and teachers from The Green Room School who will be shooting video of The River Relay which they’ll use after to turn into a short movie.

I’ll be pushing out stories each day this week via the Magna Carta Events .com to build up to next weekend’s festivities, follow the blog to ensure you don’t miss what’s going on…

I’ve been trying out Periscope & Meerkat as to see which is going to give the best overall LIVE streaming solution… and while Periscope is the official Twitter live streaming solution, Meerkat allows me to pick which Twitter account I want to use more easily… it also allows me to tweet while streaming and the video storage quality appears to be better… so offering a stronger all round solution. Follow @MagnaCarta1506 to ensure you don’t miss the video streaming at the weekend…

TUNE IN on Friday… we’ll be testing on The River Thames as we head towards Cookham…

I’ll be picking up on Tweets that come my way over the coming week, RTing them for your viewing pleasure, while bringing some of the more interesting one’s to your attention via the blog.

Have a great week…

Thank you.


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