Sales-Motivations has just increased its Strengths

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We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with the Strengths Partnership, who are a  leadership and organisation development company dedicated to helping organisations deliver positive workplaces and lasting success by optimising people’s strengths.

Their strengths profiling and development system, Strengthscope®, is the world’s most extensive system that measures work related strengths – characteristics that energise people, helping them to perform at their best.

Their clients include many global brands across multiple industries, such as Tesco, Legal and General, BOC and Pizza Express.

We’ve decided to partner as we can both see a strong alignment between our joint positive and cognitive psychology approaches, which can drive higher productivity and results in sales teams around the globe.

To celebrate this launch we have scheduled a number of joint webinars to to introduce how our combined approach can help boost sales performance.

Title ‘Supercharge your Sales Team’

Dates 30th June & 8th July at 12.30

BOOK NOW… To find out more or to sign up;

email or tel +44(0) 845 531 4125

If you can’t make the webinars and are interested in learning how we can help to boost sales performance, take a look at our award winning programworkshops, coaching or e-learning, which are proven to boost activity by 30% and results by 20%.

Jon, we hope to see you there, otherwise just get in touch, call us on 0845 531 4125 or visit to find out more.

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