Windsor Castle in the evening from Lady Karen on The River Thames

Datchet to Cookham on the River Thames… Slow the pace down…

I’d helped RBWM with raising the £120k sponsorship for the Magna Carta Flotilla… now it was time to capture some pictures… first job, get up the River Thames to Cookham Friday afternoon…

This was my Saturday evening view… book your boat trip today >>>

There are rather a lot of pictures so let’s break this down into two blogs… first is our trip up The River Thames Datchet to Cookham… followed tomorrow by the Magna Carta images…

Pictures speak louder than words and I’d like to share them with you… videos can speak louder than pictures and there are a few of those… I had told the world I would share via MeerKat and @MagnaCarta1506 footage of the events, which I did but it means that the camera has gone into iPhone rather than iPad mode, so vertical which is a bit annoying… anyway, enjoy… I’ll add a few words under each picture to help the story…

baz gets us ready to ship out of kris cruisers

Baz got us ship shape, giving us our training before we set sail for our first port, Windsor, where we would pick up Ali…

view from the bridge

small double in the middle

double bed at the front

All nice and clean, room for 6 to sleep so with only me & the mrs staying over there would be plenty of room…

You might want to go large on the video!

first lock ahead

The first lock, knees a knocking 😉

barrys cafe from the river

Should we or shouldn’t we? Ali might be a while…

stop for an ice cream at barrys cafe

Well, be rude not to have an ice cream at Barry’s Cafe in Windsor.

ali joins the crew for magna carta cruise

Welcome aboard Mrs… let’s get going, lots of miles to cover before nightfall…

its a jungle out there

It’s a jungle out there!

bray studios were a bit haunting

Bray Studios where Christopher Lee shot many a horror story…

full steam ahead

Full steam ahead… many boats moored on the river…

which road would you rather be on

Which highway would you rather be on this…

river thames near cliveden

Or this? Cliveden House in the back ground… had thought there would be gardens up to the house to get some great footage in the morning… lovely view mind…

getting all ship shape for the flotilla

All the docks were getting ship shape for Glorianna’s return leg and all those that would be following / surrounding her…

open wide locks on the river

Many a lock opened for our arrival…

an englishmans home is his castle

An Englishman’s home is his castle… or his boat 😉

waterside inn be rude not to pop in

The Waterside Inn, would be rude not to call in for a pie & a pint…

pop into the waterside inn for a drink

Is that a hire boat… please sir, can you move along, we have real rich folk rocking up later, we don’t want your sort hanging around… bloody rude if you ask me 😉

old night clubers

This is what happens to those celebrity places that don’t show due respect to their potential clients… this used to be popular with the stars… now the rats enjoy the stars from the comfort of the cellar!

needs some tlc

In need of some tlc…

following instructions on the lock

Press the one on the right, no the left 😉

which launch to launch

Which boat to take out today… mmm…

duck low bridge in cookham

Great view of Glorianna from above tomorrow if you know your low bridges around Cookham!

lady karen moored at the ferry cookham

Let’s stop at The Ferry, where Stuart parked his car earlier… 23 minutes from Windsor to Cookham by road… 4 hours by boat!

dinner at the ferry cookham

Dinner… we’ve certainly earned this with all those ropes and locks my dear…

Thank you.


P.S. Tune in for all the Magna Carta boats tomorrow… must right that tonight, this took longer than planned!

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