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Thames Valley EXPO use only the finest, freshest caught data in the ocean…

Who from? Corpdata of course, we provide high quality, fresh and valuable contact data for UK companies.

Corpdata is all about accurate marketing data that works…


What makes our data different and really rather special is that it’s compiled specifically for direct marketing. It’s also constantly monitored and updated by our UK based research team, boasting an average data age of just 94 days.

We’re so proud of our data we guarantee it; any company or contact gone-aways and we’ll give you your money back, in fact we’ll double it.

Simply put, we do the job as it should be done…

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B2B Data

Focus Lite
The result of hard work and five years of significant investment; developing, commercialising and testing data modelling now meets our high standards.

Stock Market 350
Stock Market 350 provides you access to over 1,500 of the most influential business contacts in the UK, it may be a small file, but it packs a mighty economic punch!

Call Centre Focus
Offering almost universal coverage of UK call centres. From size to types of work, and offers Call Centre and Customer Service decision maker contact information.


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Thames Valley EXPO

Best get along to The Thames Valley EXPO in Windsor on 25th June and find out for yourself >>>

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