boats land at the broccas to deliver magna carta

Magna Carta Flotilla from the Broccas, Eton

Our day started in Cookham, the original plan to hook up with kids from a local school but Health & Safety got in the way, so we set off for Cliveden…

duck low bridge in cookham

That’s a great bridge to get a full view of the Gloriana, up close and personal!

lady karen lock in

First lock Cookham which I had to do by hand because it was before 7am when the power kicks in!

ali driving lady karen

The Mrs drove the first leg…

lady karen the open road

It’s very wide and lots of trees… very Amazonian but the temperature was not quite in the 90s!

river thames near cliveden

This shot was us going up stream the day before… I’d been advised to moor up off Cliveden and use it as a back drop… that’s not really going to work… we’re not expert skippers and there was no obvious mooring place… the weather was cold & wet and we weren’t wearing sunglasses… what’s plan B?

faster baby faster lady karen

Full steam ahead Mrs… let’s head to Maidenhead and see what we can do about getting a shot around there… perhaps pop in at The Waterside for lunch ๐Ÿ˜‰

boutlers lock full

Boulter’s Lock… locks allow boats to go over hills, the water level being higher or lower in the next section depending on the geography… can you guess if we are going to go up or down on this lock children!

boulters lock crew at work

Correct, we’re going down towards Maidenhead with the flow of the river… that really does make a difference to your speed!

maidenhead bridge

Maidenhead Bridge looks very smart from this angle, I wonder…

great view no broadband

Figured let’s moor up and see what the view is like… great shot of Gloriana coming under the Brunel Bridge and towards us… his first I believe! Problem was the broadband around there was technically pants, bouncing between 0 and 1 bar… we need at least a consistent 3 for this video streaming to work… we cruised down river but it remained drizzly and there was no where obvious to moor up for the public… Bray offered the best broadband with 4 but where to park? ย Best plan, get down to Windsor and set up for the Sunday, that makes the most sense…

lady karen rotary colours

I got parked up right next to the sandy beach area where they planned on bringing the copy of the Magna Carta ashore… you can too…

windsor castle from the broccas

What a great location, fantastic view of the castle from my patio… I could moor up, the crew could go ashore and do her thing while I sat back and enjoyed the river for 24 hours…

rag bone on the river thames

Rag & bone on the river… a bit Mad Max esq… not seen that before! Think I’ll take a wander into town…

george inn 800 years

The George is celebrating with some Magna Carta on tap… hurrah… The George Inn in Eton has recently been taken on by Windsor & Eton Brewery, their first pub… the bunting is out and the town may be celebrating this more than Magna Carta!

school summer fair

Local school was holding its summer fair… found me a good book to read and an interesting sewing basket which would work very well as a tombola box for the Windsor Business EXPO on 25th June…

morris dancers windsor hat

This lady must be part of a Morris Dancing team, forgot to ask… but I did love the hat… Windsor Castle’s Round Tower!

magna carta flotilla cancer cure

These chaps were promoting cannabis oil as a cure for cancer, I’d been reading something only a few days before about a young lad who’s mental condition had been cured through the use of cannabis oil… Google it…

magna carta flotilla boat 93

During the afternoon boats rowed down the river… were they heading for safe harbour or to prepare for the gathering at Runnymede on Sunday?

magna carta flotilla boat 94

magna carta flotilla boat 92

magna carta flotilla boat 91

magna carta flotilla boat 9

windsor castle from the river lady karen

What a great view in the evening after a few pints of Magna Carta and dinner at The George Inn… you can enjoy this very view…

breakfast 5am

What a great view in the morning for breakfast as the Windsor Triathlon starts preparing for their early morning swim… this was 5am!

windsor triathlon  swimmers

For a few hours there was a constant flow of competitors taking to the water for the swim… must have been blinking cold… weather forecast said sunshine with a 20% chance of rain…ย I should have put a ยฃ5 on it… reminded me while I never listen to the weather and just look up ๐Ÿ˜‰

magna carta flotilla boat 8

More boats rowing past, must been heading for Runnymede for the gathering…

magna carta flotilla boat 7

magna carta flotilla boat 6

magna carta flotilla boat 5

magna carta flotilla boat 4

magna carta flotilla boat 3

magna carta flotilla boat 2

magna carta flotilla boat 1

Plenty of boats going by… there must be so many planning on accompanying Glorianna through Windsor that the extras are pushing on to Runnymede…

Obviously not… and we had to wait 1 hour before the landing boats arrived… I’m sure I wasn’t alone in expecting more and since the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead council paid the lions share of the flotilla costs, it would have been nice to have more of a spectacle?

boats land at the broccas to deliver magna carta

These boats brought the Magna Carta ashore…

magna carta shown to the people

The Magna Carta was created by Mark & Warren from

There was a poetry joust…

songs sang for magna carta
Music was played…

King John address the barons and the bishop

The King addressed the Bishop and the barons and then headed for his launch…

Gloriana in dock

Windsor Boys School rowed Gloriana down to Runneymede

It was an interesting and historic weekend, I only wish the flotilla had been more of a flotilla than a random procession of boats doing their own thing.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures…

Thank you.


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