ben kench your business booster

Summer Lovin, had me a blast…

Hi, what you got planned for the summer? All work and no play makes Danny a dull boy and as for Sandy, you don’t wanna go there! 😉

What you need to do is bring some sunshine into your life…

Ben Kench for one night only… Wednesday 19th August… well, he’ll pop back if you want him to… we will be launching Ben’s Business Booster Academy at Slough Aspire, 350 Edinburgh Avenue, Slough, SL1 4TU.

Join us for an evening’s coaching in “High Impact Networking”

In today’s world of small business it’s often said that you need to network. But many hundreds of business owners network feverishly and find little or no return. Why is that? What can you do to make it better for you?

This thought provoking session shares some secrets of great communication and specific lines to say that can literally rocket your returns from your networking activity. A few intelligent “tweaks” and watch your enquiry rate soar!

Let’s get this summer networking party started…


See you there…

Thank you.


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