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How are you coping with the Silly Season?

For businesses the Summer months have been known to be referenced as the “silly season” as it can prove hard to organise meetings or get commitment to move forward during the school and summer holiday period.

For many business owners this could be quite frustrating and whilst their own holiday weeks may be very welcome, the silly season does span the whole of July and August. This could leave about 6 weeks of ‘business as usual’, so although the desire to interact with clients, customers and other businesses is there, the reality can prove a quite a different picture.

So what’s the best policy? Assume that it’s always going to be quiet over the Summer and just accept it? Or use the time to conduct some strategic planning on your business.

The quiet periods can be put to great use to analyse:

– the results of marketing campaigns,

– customer sales,

– customer feedback,

– conversion ratios

so you are ready to move the business up a gear from September onwards by putting practical plans in place for new activity using the information and insights collated.

By working closely with your accountant, they can help your business make strategic decisions by:

· identifying and collecting key information

· measuring and interpreting information

· analysing information

· communicating findings and working with the business owner to plan changes

· monitoring, measuring and controlling progress.

Business strategies enable a business to grow and strengthen its position in the market. The tools of management accounting help support the process of a business growth. Strategic, long-term decisions involve the future direction of the business. If the forecasts and decisions are right, the business will grow and succeed. But if a business makes poor decisions, it may fail.

Here at Keen Dicey Grover we work hard to understand the business behind the numbers and know how important it is to be able to communicate financial findings and analysis to business owners to enable them to make the right decisions when growing their business.

We have over 40 years of experience in understanding and analysing financial data. In doing this we take away the complexity of the task and provide the business with value, thereby alleviating the unknown and introducing visibility and options to the business owner.

We know the value of time and we appreciate that the amount of time spent on analysis without experience of the task can end up being frustrating and non-productive. We take pride in knowing it’s our job is to crunch the numbers so you don’t have to.

Keen Dicey Grover
We care… we really care

Gareth Davies Gareth Davies FCA
Keen Dicey Grover
Chartered Accountants
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Website: www.kdg.co.uk

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