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Berkshire CEOs Blog Stories

Business men and women like to read stories by CEOs who are currently flying high but have felt both the pain of failure and the bright lights of success during their business life.

Constant success is a crash waiting to happen… only by feeling the pain of failure can you truly fly high… or that’s what I keep telling myself as I evolve our of the fire again 😉

I’m currently looking for CEOs to complete this short questionnaire…

Those that complete it will be invited to tell us their tale on the Berkshire Blog which reaches some 10,000 business people via a variety of social media channels… keenly, around 800 people are signed up directly for the blog which means they will get your words in full delivered to their in box for their education / viewing pleasure… should you complete the form above!

I have currently run an assessment of over 100 local CEOs engagement on social media and am keen to grow and grow this data.

We don’t share personal data with those get our summary report as this would not be cricket, we also don’t appraise the personal Facebook Channel of CEOs as that is a step too far… we engage with our families via Facebook and so feel it best not to go there.

We will however give you a summary bench mark so you can see how you relate to other CEOs and if you can up your game in any way.

We don’t see how social media shows any level of expertise in your main subject as other measurements may claim to reveal…

Our role is one of mentor in offering guidance in how you might improve your social media engagement for the benefit of your organisation and the people you employ…

If you appreciate our words of wisdom you may look to us to mentor your people for a reasonable fee… that’s how we win the day and what makes all the effort worthwhile 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

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