egoi email vs sms results

Email + SMS = ? (check out this infographic)

E-goi have long been huge fans of email and SMS – they’re the perfect marketing match for any brand, especially with more than 50% of all email opens now coming from mobile.

Well they would say that, they sell the service! Tee hee… but they are jolly nice chaps based in Portugal who have developed a very easy to use interface for building email templates… I really must try the SMS bit for myself… as they say more people are using mobiles to open almost anything these days… can they open a nice bottle of red on a warm Friday afternoon?

ali windsor dinner

What would you like your mobile to open comment below after clicking on a few of their links 😉

What cool things can I use SMS for in E-goi?

Just a few examples:

Automatically text a birthday message to your clients or subscribers

Send an SMS just to those people who didn’t open the email campaign you sent the previous day

– Auto-text a discount voucher to your loyal customers a couple months after they registered at your store

– Hosting an event? Have your sign-up form text subscribers a scannable QR code they can easily show on arrival

Send a survey via SMS to your dormant subscribers and learn how you can win them back

Add pics, videos and landing pages to your SMS and find out who views them and clicks through

I don’t have my customer’s mobile numbers. What should I do?

Just go and get them 🙂 Take a look at the infographic below (which also highlights the benefits of the email/SMS combo).

Click here to enlarge >>>

egoi email vs sms full image

Thank you.

07717 820823

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